one of those grateful nights.

This evening my husband and I had the pleasure of dining with Patowmack Farm in Lovettsville.  This dining experience was quite unique and to our liking.  🙂

We both enjoyed these snacks & appetizer…

photo 3

Featured: dehydrated kale with yeast; sliced turnips with dipping seasoning; and root vegetable soup.

The yeast on the kale was absolutely amazing flavor – salty, but divine.  We are going to attempt making kale with the dehydrator; we are always looking for new things to dry!  The turnips were so crisp, they were honestly not what I was expecting at all.  The flavor was so subtle it was refreshing.  And, finally, the soup OH MY GOSH!!! This dish was absolutely divine, there were sunflower seeds and bacon vinegar at the bottom – an absolutely wonderful combo, making the flavor so rich.

I enjoyed this entree:

photo 1

Pictured: pork loin with roasted pumpkin, sweet potato chips, arugula and curried peanuts.  Filling, yet, not something that will drag you down and put you into a food coma.  Great earthy flavor!

My husband enjoyed this entree:

photo 4

Photographed: rockfish with grits, greens, fried fish skin – not sure of all the components, but those are the basics I believe.

We both got to enjoy this:

photo 2

What a great atmosphere.  The restaurant is located in a greenhouse that is decorated with lights and other fabulous items.  When you walk into the dining area it is an extremely unique and elegant experience.  The dining room is very quiet and relaxing; we highly recommend making a reservation!  P.S. – You can even keep paleo on your mind while you dine with them!

sleep well everyone:

peace. love. paleo.

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