My generous “mama” gave me a Juiceman juicer; my husband and I tested it out and were pleasantly surprised with our first product – delish!  We put in an apple and spinach leaves and were not satisfied with the amount that was returned (we don’t like to waste food) so we emptied the compost and ran it through two more times and we were shocked at how much additional juice was returned to our cup [recommendation: the fiber is not done until you do not get any juice return after running it through again].  The amount of juice produced was satisfactory, we are pleased juice consumers!! After drinking the juice I felt instant energy, I don’t know if it was an illusion; however, the immediate rush of energy was enough to carry me through the morning without coffee.  Needless to say, I highly recommend juicing at home instead of buying pressed juices, which are over priced (not to say that juicing is inexpensive) and have been sitting on the shelf.  When you’re on the go pressed juices for a quick energy boost are acceptable, but buying them to drink at home — well that’s just being lazy!

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