What girl doesn’t enjoy going shopping and looking adorable while feeling beautiful and sexy.  After being pregnant I have realized that while it is important to me to be fashionable and engaged in the latest trends, comfort is paramount to any pain experienced by clothing, shoes or accessories – most of the time 😉  I am now on the hunt for brands that provide attire that serves a purpose and is pleasing to the naked eye.  There will be posts about different types of clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. that I have fallen in love with and I believe are essential items for you to have in your closet!  Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t look well put together, even if you have some spit-up on your shoulder!


  • HUE denim leggings

You will soon realize that during and after pregnancy leggings are your best friend.  I didn’t bother buying any maternity pants, instead I wore jeans with spandex, such as the ones pictured below.  HUE makes a great pair of skinny denim jeans (the secret: they are leggings) that are extremely comfortable and are easy to get on & off.  The only downfall is they expand with you!!  I purchased a light denim, a dark-wash denim and a pair of black denim.  I still am wearing these until I fit into my old jeans and at that point I probably will reconsider only wearing these!



At the end of my pregnancy the only shoes I was sporting were the following:

  • Rainbow Narrow Strap Leather Flip-Flops

I wore the wide strap ones for years, then I deemed them not fashionable enough so I retired them from my closet.  While pregnant I tried on the narrow strap because my feet were swollen and they were super comfy, not only because of the cushioned sole, but they also have an arch.  I forgot how amazing it is to have a shoe that supports the shape of your foot.


  • TOMS Classic Trim Slip-Ons

I have always had at least one pair of TOMS in my closet, but I have never really appreciated the comfort of these basic shoes.  I had the hardest time during my pregnancy with feet pains – granted I worked 12 hour shifts at the hospital and that took a toll on them.  One day I realized that I was able to walk more in TOMS than in other shoes, I picked up a shoe and examined the sole.  I was shocked to really notice that they are basically made out of foam.  I said to myself, well that’s rather cheap, but then quickly reexamined them and thought to myself:  actually the makers of TOMS are brilliant!  The foam acts as a great cushion and absorbs any bumps in the sidewalk.  I found that the shoe bent with my stride and molded to the form of my foot.  These shoes do not have arches so I do have to say alternating between shoes gave my feet the most relief.


  • Nike Air Pegasus+30

I saw a girl walking around the streets of NYC in these shoes in the winter of 2013-2014, I quickly fell in love with them and began hunting for them on the internet.  At the time they were not popular so it took me quite some time to locate a retailer.  When they arrived they were so beautiful I didn’t want to ruin the pastel color on the dirty city streets – I just kept them in the box in my closet.  One summer day I decided to test them out because all my other sneakers were not cutting it with my aching feet.  I laced them up and went out for the most magical walk of my pregnancy.  I seriously was floating on air.  I have never found Nike sneakers to be actually comfortable, however, these sneakers are miracle workers.  At the end of my pregnancy I was sitting in Columbus Circle and a lady sitting next to me, along with half of NYC, was wearing them.  She began to explain to me that she bought two pairs because she has bunions and they are the only shoes she has found to be comfortable — I don’t have that condition, but I am simply stating that they must be great if women with chronic foot issues are wearing them too!



  • Charles Philip Moccasins

These are not really moccasins, however, their name suits them well – they are so comfortable an indian could surely walk around in the woods hunting & gathering for miles in them.  I have broken mine in beyond their life expectancy, but I will not let them see sight of the trash can, just yet.  They unfortunately do not have high arches in the soles.  The shoes offer great support and padding that my feet feel so free in them I am pain free after walking in them.


  • Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals

I purchased the white matt ones (they have a patent leather option as well) and fortunately they’re SUPER easy to clean.  It is hard to keep shoes in good condition when running around at the playground or through rain puddles.  I was very pleased to figure out that all it takes to keep these shoes pearly white is a BABY WIPE!  I wore these almost everyday; they are extremely comfortable!! These shoes mold to your feet – they have amazing arch and toe support.  I now understand what the Birkenstock crazy was all about when I was in my teenage years.  I am delighted these sandals came back in Vogue!



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