This is a section that I do not have too much to report on yet, therefore, I am just as excited as you to report new home-made body products on this page!  I will also leave information about my favorite body products as I discover new and vital items to have in your bathroom cabinet.  I used to sit in the sun and tan constantly; my husband has started to break down this obsession with having a year-round beach glow.  He’s helping me comprehend that the sun will make me age faster…. simply because I refuse to use sunscreen.  Since I was a teenager I have tried to compensate for the damaging effects of the sun by using anti-aging and collagen based skin products to keep my face firm and young.  I doubt this tactic will work forever, hence my attempt at trying to save my taut skin, avoid stretch marks and keep looking beautiful.


Santa Maria Novella Protective Anti Stretch Mark Oil: I used this product on my belly and hips during pregnancy – as I lose weight we shall see if this product proves to be effective!  It is 100% Italian made and my mom bought it for me while we were traveling abroad.  I trust the genuine natural products of Europe over any cocoa butter purchased in the USA, therefore, I am hopeful that this product is worth the expense.  Another alternative is to mix almond oil & jojoba oil [main ingredients in this product], which are closest to resembling the oil found on human skin.

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Coconut Oil Salt Scrub: This is a home-made remedy, the recipe that I have found to be most effective and refreshing is the following:

use a 2:1 ratio of epsom salt to coconut oil (mix all ingredients together and store in jar of your choosing – i prefer mason jars)

2 cups epsom salt

1 cup coconut oil – slightly melted (do not warm product as it will melt the salt)

drops of essential oil or natural products, such as lavender or mint leaves (add until desired scent level meets your satisfaction)

*I recommend using this concoction 2X times a week to remove dead skin and moisturize the newly exposed layer of skin – using this product daily could have a rebound effect and your skin could become dry and irritated.  Additionally, for different variations you could substitute salt for sugar or add sugar to this mixture.


Jo Malone Vitamin E Body Scrub: This is another pricey item, however, the amount needed is minimal for amazing results.  I use a loofah glove to lather the product onto my body and scrub away the dead skin.  The texture and scent of this product resembles a silky bees wax.  I highly recommend this product, you only need to purchase one container a year so it is totally worth the expense!!  And, not to mention it is chuck full of these natural ingredients:  salt, organic brown-sugar crystals, avocado, wheat-germ oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, and shea butter.  Since wheat germ oil is refined it is gluten-free.

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Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Body Wash: I was looking at bath products that were on sale at Rite Aid one quiet evening and came across this instead – definitely was something I splurged on.  I’m more of the type who buys whatever is on sale.  I looked at the product as it said GLUTEN-FREE on the label and I was curious about the ingredients.  I have always been skeptical of the compounds in body products.  I made the RATIONAL decision to try this item instead of buying something that will most likely irritate my skin. It makes sense that the ingredients in such products are just as harmful as unhealthy food/drink absorbed by your intestines.  Your skin could possibly experience adverse effects after what might be thought of as exposure to a refreshing cleanse with use of a generic brand’s body wash.  On another note, I tend to feel that I have to use a lot of body wash just to create a quality lather, however, this body wash has lasted about 3 times longer than a standard body wash would – it actually cleans with just a dab!  I have to report that this product did not disappoint me at all!!


ECO. Body Wash – Coconut + Sea Minerals: I picked this product up at Marshalls one afternoon.  It has minimal ingredients that are not natural – NO ALCOHOL in this product!!  I personally enjoy that there is kelp and salt in this body wash – makes for a hydrating mixture.  The flavor is rich and almost as satisfying as eating dessert!


Yes To Carrots Daily Clarifying Cleanser:  I use this product to gently “cleanse” my face and rid the dirt & grease away.  Truly, a quick lather can be obtained with only a dab!  I look highly upon beauty products where a small amount goes a long way, this means there are essential ingredients in the product – no nonsense additives.  I used to alternate a mild cleanser with Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser, however, the ingredients are just not to my liking anymore – I am on the hunt for a natural exfoliator!



Yes To Carrots Intense Hydration Night Cream: Literally just purchased this product tonight along with the next featured face & neck oil and I am SOOOO pleased with these products!!!! This cream, again, only requires just a light coating over your face.  The cream is light and fluffy, literally, and does not feel thick or greasy.


Yes To Blueberries Face & Neck Oil: YET AGAIN… just a dab needed.  I expected this was going to be a true oil, however, I was wrong!  The oil is like a nonsticky nonoily gel, it is absolutely divine!  I applied a small amount around my eyes – I can still blink and see normally, beautiful!



Primal Pit Paste: This deodorant is seriously amazing!! I have tried every level of zinc oxide possible in antiperspirants, even prescription strength, and none of them stop me from sweating or block the odor like this product.  There are two versions:  a glass jar that has the paste in a “creamier” form – application to the skin requires your finger or the provided wooden spatula; or, a traditional swivel stick style – this form is more solidified, and I don’t find it to be as effective.  The deodorant itself is composed of coconut oil, shea butter, arrowroot powder, baking soda, essential oils, and vitamin E.  Sounds pretty natural to me!  I enjoy using the lavender scent, I feel it gives me a calming aura in the morning.  The price is roughly $8.95 for the jar and $10.95 for the stick.  The jar lasts a few months, I am working my way through my first stick now.



Taylor’s Tooth Powder: I have sampled the mint version, and have yet to try the cinnamon flavor.  I am pleasantly surprised at how well this product works.  It is a combination of activated charcoal, xylitol, sacred clay, and essential oils. I use toothpaste before I go to bed and I use a baking soda based toothpaste in the morning.  I fell in love with this product the moment I applied it to my teeth – it honestly cleans so well.  It is unbelievable how much “crap” came off my teeth.  Literally chunks of plaque came off my teeth.  I do have to say the powder can get a little messy, just make sure you wipe your counter after you open and close the jar and after you’re done brushing your teeth.


Nipple Nurture Balm: This has been my breastfeeding & pumping savior!!  I have not had raw, cracked or dry nipples during the 2+ months I have been breastfeeding, thus far.  During my last go round I had a lot of soreness and it effected my ability to comfortably breastfeed, leading me to turn to pumping only and eventually stop everything at 5-6 months.  I am definitely happier this time around knowing that I don’t have to worry about being in constant pain when I am feeding my baby or pumping.  This product is lite, not oily & greasey, works fast, doesn’t burn or sting, quick application, and is just amazing in every other way!  I apply a pea size, or smaller, amount on each nipple after each feeding or pumping session.  I have found this product lasted me just shy of 2 months, which I think is pretty awesome!  The cost is between $11.95 so it is not a killer product to buy!


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