happy belated halloween!

photo 1 (home decorations, credit to my mom – you’re hired for the christmas prep!)

I’ll open with taking a moment to note that I didn’t eat any halloween candy!! I honestly looked at it a few times and thought about how nice it would be to eat a piece; however, there really wasn’t a “craving” for a piece of chocolate, so I just admired the wrapper.  Even days after the candy lingers in the house, I walk past it and try not to even notice it is sitting next to the door.  Honestly, after being pregnant I’m surprised at how I have my willpower back to not eat some of that sugar!  Instead I’m enjoying eating natural sugars.

Now I’ll skip to the food, we went to Xuan Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant in Leesburg the day after halloween.  I had a hard time reviewing the menu with diet restrictions.  I was hoping for the curry, but unfortunately coconut milk wasn’t the sole cream.  I ordered the lotus root salad with shrimp & pork and crushed peanuts (skipped the crispy onions), topped off with fish sauce.  The flavor definitely resembled a vermicelli bowl (considering that I dump fish sauce all over this dish) without the rice noodles — keeping it paleo friendly folks!  I had never enjoyed lotus root before, the texture smooth and is crisp/ crunchy – the vegetable did not disappoint!

photo 2

Read tomorrow for more weekend updates!  This week I will stay current with posts, no back tracking!!

peace. love. paleo.

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