Getting in that Halloween Spirit!


Well I would say I am looking fresh!  This is kind of embarrassing, but I wanted you to see this product for your own eyes!  This Aztec Indian Healing Clay is a make at home mask!  You can either mix it with apple cider vinegar or water or a combo – I used both.  It says the with the apple cider vinegar you will feel a “pulling sensation,”  I did feel some tingling and felt like it was truly cleaning out my pores.  The mask is SUPER thick and takes a while to get it off your face, but after it’s totally worth the effort!  And, the BEST part:  there is nothing in this product except for CLAY!


Here is my new nightly routine:


Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile with Lavender Tea is my all time favorite to drink before bed – excellent for quieting the mind and calming the nerves.  I add a half dropper full of 365 Everyday Value French Vanilla Stevia Liquid Extract from Whole Foods.  And as we all know I have a sweet tooth so this drink really curbs some of my cravings to eat a treat!!  I LOVE chocolate, and who doesn’t love chocolate with a cup of coffee or tea it’s like the two go hand in hand in the afternoon or evenings, so I eat an Eating Evolved Keto Cup.  My favorite flavor is the coffee then the stevia then the original.  I do have to warn you this is made with 100% cacao so it has a very biter taste when you bite into the outer rims where it you only get the cacao portion.  My husband was not a fan – I personally have started to acquire a taste for them and have really enjoyed eating one or two a day!  They’re the perfect power pick me up treat!  Try them, see what you think!

Happy Monday!

peace. love. paleo.

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