Costco has some new paleo products!!  This past week I did all the grocery shopping at Costco, I was very pleased with some of the produce I found.  I usually don’t buy any vegetables there – I have found them to be moldy, taste funny or go bad very quickly.  I typically stick to packaged gluten free/ paleo products, meats and sometimes fruit.  This past week I spent a little more time looking around and was pleased.  I am going to continue sorting through products each week because it is definitely cheaper to buy a week’s supply of food from Costco.  Below are the new products I have found over the past month…

Forager: Grain Free Paleo Granola

*Raisins were lacking – I added more

img_0715        img_0713

Made in Nature: Dried Figs

*Whole figs, no additives or coating


Bare: Apple Chips

*Crisp & crunchy, small & large pieces – great for dipping in nut butter!


Essential Living Foods: Antioxidant Trail Mix

*Great variety of nuts & dried fruit – can add in some Enjoy Life chocolate chips


Pacific Superfood Snacks: Kale Chips

*amazing olive & salt flavor, crisp & crunchy


***My apologies for the poor photo quality, I will start to invest more time in taking pictures.

I hope you find these products and ENJOY each & every bite!


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