Making my Way Back to You!

Wow what a journey the past months have been!  I will update my bio section as some of the recipes featured in this blog will change a bit!  I am on a dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free diet due to Lyme Disease.  The part of the proceeding that’s been really hard for me (and I still have some cheat treats here and there) is no SUGAR!!! I love making desserts and sweetening them with honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup, maple sugar, etc. Finding new sweeteners was always fun because I LOVE SWEET TREATS!!!  Stevia is my friend now – getting used to the taste, but sometimes I feel like it makes me feel sick.  It is a detox agent for Lyme so it’s the only one right now.  I am on the hunt for good dessert recipes using stevia – hopefully I will be able to feature some on this blog!!  In the mean time I did make tapioca pudding using french vanilla flavored liquid stevia from Whole Foods – I can’t complain!

IMG_6398.JPG                IMG_6399.JPG

For this recipe I followed the instructions on the back of the box.  I doubled the recipe so I would have a week long treat.  Personally I like my tapioca a little on the thick side.  I usually decrease the amount of liquid to tapioca ratio. For doubling the recipe, it would have called for 1/2 cup of tapioca & 6 cups of coconut milk.  However, I did 1/2 cup of tapioca pearls & 3 cans of coconut milk (roughly that is almost 5 cups).  I have also experimented with different coconut milks and it seems that the following works the best in the sense of consistency:  thick & creamy.


Okay moving on!

Let’s talk about oral care!  I have switched to paleo mouth products.  Super exciting to announce I am totally digging all the products!!  Here are some toothpastes, mouthwashes & powders I have started to use – check back later this week & I will post reviews in the main heading section of “beauty.”

Below are two different mouth washes – they are completely different in texture & compound.  I believe that having two different products to target different bacteria (promote the good, rid the bad) is always great!!!  You can use one as a morning rinse after breakfast and one as an afternoon rinse after lunch… or if you have kids & work you can just do it whenever it is convenient for you!


Below are new toothpastes (Hello Products – they also make kids’ paste) I found at our local Wegman’s!! I was so happy to see paleo products there!! GO NATURAL OR GO HOME!  As you can see I have used the pink one.  I love it so much that I have been banging the container on the counter for the past two days in hope of getting every last drop out; and, you will be happy to know I have succeeded!  For your reference, the pink tube is “sensitivity relief” and the grey tube is “whitening.”  I have no tried the whitening one yet, but I did notice some improvement from the pink tube.  I have tried every OTC sensitivity toothpaste including prescription strength fluoride toothpastes, etc. and nothing has worked.  I was excited to find that this did help a little, not much, but it’s better than nothing!!  Give them a try, great taste, natural ingredients!


… and of course Taylor’s tooth powder (featured in the beauty section already) is an absolute favorite.  I did start doing some coconut oil pulling – not sure if it is having any benefit, but if you want to try it all you do is put a big dollop of coconut oil in your mouth, swish for 20 minutes & spit!


One last thing to overwhelm you with in this random post about everything!  A new nut butter featured at Costco has me going crazy!!!


Oh my gosh I am obsessed!!! I have 1-2 tbsps of NuttZo throughout the day instead of turning to my sugary paleo sweet treats!!! Love this so much, highly recommend – it’s a great blend of a variety of nuts.

Tune back friday!

went all out today…

photo copy 3

Some days there just isn’t time for breakfast or lunch, it was a brunch kind of a day.  With the 30 minutes I had to quickly scramble around and try to accomplish as much as possible before the little one woke up, I chose to eat.  I had eggs that should have probably been cooked a little longer, a tad bit too “wet.”  I thought to myself, if we eat eggs with a runny yoke I should be safe from the salmonella demon.  I gobbled them up with my avocado slices, side of bacon (nitrate free of course) and left over sweet potato slices my husband had made for dinner last night.  This was completely satisfying of all the essential fatty acids.  My snack to hold me over until dinner was this amazing bar (you have to splurge on the prepackaged items, it’s all about convenience some days):

photo copy 4

Another addition to our pantry this week was home-made cashew butter.  I enjoy making my own nut butters with the Nutribullet.  We purchased the cashews in the large container from Costco last week and could probably make 3-4 jars of this butter.  These nut butters have gotten extremely pricey, some selling for over $10-15.  There is no way I could rationalize paying that kind of money for a jar of cashew butter when I could make more than one jar for that price.  The container from Costco is roughly $15 and you could make 3-4 batches from it, depending on how many cashews you eat before breaking out the Nutribullet.     🙂


Waiting for the little man to wake up before we embark on an afternoon walk, so I will leave you with:

peace. love. paleo.

Triple Stacked

After a sleepless night, literally, I asked my husband to pick me up BurgerFi on his way home from work.  Today consisted of an unintentional day of fasting, and rolling around in bed attempting to nap with the little one; I decided I deserved a glutenous meal.  My order was almost artery clogging, however, I left out the fried egg and I exercised (made it to the 6 week postpartum mark!).

image copy 2don’t forget image copyfollowed by image

That’s stacked three high with natural burgers, plus bacon, tomato and pickle.  I always opt for lettuce wrapped.  Unfortunately, they don’t have sweet potato fries so I settled for salted fries.  I devoured this meal, quite an attractive sight!  I am sad to report that the coconut slush is gone; it’s time for the next dessert!  This round I added the macadamia nut butter and drizzled on some left over raspberry sauce my husband used in his latest batch of macarons (recipe to follow).

Home-made Raspberry Sauce: (modified Laduree’s raspberry macaron filling recipe for paleo-friendly eaters)

1/2 cup coconut sugar

1.5 cup fresh raspberries

juice of 1/4 lemon

few tbsp coconut milk

*In a food processor gently blend raspberries, warm them in a pan, add the other ingredients and bring mixture to a boil for two minutes.

The work-out I chose today was one I have done in the past – 

I highly recommend this channel, they have a wide variety of different routines of all different fitness levels and durations.

As I pray for a restful night, I remind myself:

peace. love. paleo.

The First One Is Here!!

Despite the blog pages not being completed in their entirety I have decided the show must go on.  I have been anxiously awaiting the first post, and I am happy to announce that this blog is active.  I will try to post everyday, however, with a baby on board it might be a little challenging some days.  I will quickly guide you through my blog, I have links at the top which will take you to a particular page where you will find a description of that subject and perhaps some examples of what it is I am sharing with you.  These pages are intended to make it easier for my readers to go out and purchase the items I am particularly fond of or to understand the different elements of my healthy lifestyle.

Today I wanted to share with everyone the most amazing meal, food I dream about when I fall asleep… I introduce you to wine marinated steak, roasted butternut squash and sauteed leeks, followed by a coconut milk slush with pomegranate seeds & home-made macadamia nut butter.

image copy 2

The preparation for this meat is very basic, it is comprised of the following marinade, which you let absorb into a piece of flank steak for an hour or so (we let one batch sit for this amount of time, as it was a last minute idea, and then we made another cut of meat that rested over night — both tasted the same!).  For this marinade we used red wine (cheapest is perfectly suitable), garlic powder, onion powder, rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper and honey.  My husband attempted to vacuum seal the meat + marinade, however, the Food Saver did not like this idea – in the future we will just use a Ziploc bag to prevent wasting the precious Food Saver bags.  The flavor and tender meat melts in your mouth, it is unreal.  This idea was inspired by meat purchase at The Wine’ing Butcher in Ashburn, Virginia.

The roasted butternut squash is a breeze to make as well.  First, peel the skin off, then cut the squash into cubes and place the pieces in a large mixing bowl, add olive oil – salt – pepper – thyme (none of these are measured, add oil so that all pieces have a shiny glaze and season to your liking), shake the bowl, pour the mixture onto a cooking sheet that is lined with tin foil, and bake at 400 degree for approximately 40-45 minutes or until they are tender/ slightly mushy.

The leeks, again, are an easy side dish.  Ensure you clean this vegetable WELL with water prior to cooking, the dirt gets wedged between the long leaves, from the outside it may appear clean but once you start slicing the veggie you will soon notice your food covered with dirt.  Slice the entire leek – I’m not sure of the proper disposal of certain parts of this veggie, but the entire thing is edible and tastes exactly the same from the leaves to the root!  On a stove top, add olive oil, pepper and thai ginger flavored salt to a large pan (sautee at a medium to high temp) once warm place the leeks in the pan – stand back to ensure you don’t get splashed with oil!  Allow them to sit for a few minutes then slowly start to move the pieces around with tongs, and repeat this multiple times until they achieve a slight golden brown appearance on the edges.

image copy

This dessert is another quick prep and was created by accident and turned out magnificent!  Instead of whipping only the cream in a can of coconut milk, I poured the entire can into the Kitchen Aid bowl with 1-2 tbsp of coconut sugar and watched it attempt to whip… nothing happened.  I decided to put it in the freezer to get a little thicker.  Well as with pregnancy, the sleepless mom days leave me with a forgetful mind, the mixture sat in the freezer through dinner prep and consumption.  We removed the bowl from the freezer and began slowly chopping apart pieces with a whisk.  The coconut milk melts relatively fast so it turned into a slush quite rapidly, which I was not disappointed about!  Instead of a whipped coconut cream over fresh berries it turned into a sundae!  I took two scoops of the slush and added some fresh pomegranate seeds and drizzled over some fresh macadamia nut butter (this seriously replaced caramel sauce, I was completely satisfied with the flavor in this treat).  This dessert had the perfect combination of salty & sweet tastes and crunchy & smooth textures all in one spoonful.

As always:

peace. love. paleo.